Is AI Completely Changing Your Hiring Process?


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As it already has in a number of other industries, artificial intelligence is poised to drive major changes in the HR field. By adding AI to your hiring process, you can streamline your recruitment operation and improve your results. There’s still time to gain a competitive advantage by adding AI. A study conducted by CareerBuilder… Read more »

Most Common Mistakes When Hiring Temp Employees


Temporary employees provide a great way to augment your team. They offer flexibility and the ability to handle sudden surges in orders. However, hiring temp workers can be tricky. You need a good process to make sure you get the highest level of productivity you can. Without the right procedures in place, temps can become… Read more »

6 Reasons Why You Need to Start Recruiting Finance Talent on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has become a central pillar of any recruiting effort. It has particular value for targeting candidates with specific skills or refined expertise, the kind of workers that are difficult to find through a traditional job search. That makes the social media giant perfect for recruiting finance talent. Workers in the financial sphere often require… Read more »