3 Ways Small Businesses Can Combat the Sansdemic


3 Ways Small Businesses Can Combat the Sansdemic PrideStaff Bend

As a small business, you want to grow as quickly as possible. That means adding to your staff when opportunities come. But what if the talent you need isn’t there when you need to hire? Long-standing demographic trends have led to a lack of workers. This condition has become known as the sansdemic — an… Read more »

Three Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Vendor for Your Summer Hiring Needs


Summer is here! Do you have the workers you need? As you ramp up your seasonal operations in the wake of the pandemic, you’ve likely run into unexpected problems. A staffing vendor represents the partner you need to build the best team possible. Now more than ever, expert advice will help you maximize your profits… Read more »

The Most Sought-After Leadership Skills


People often talk about “leadership” as if it’s a singular thing. But really leadership exists at the nexus of a series of skills. Given that fact, what are the key components of leadership? It’s an important question. Every organization wants successful managers. But beyond those supervisory roles, organizations seek out frontline employees who show leadership… Read more »

Best Practices for Hiring Your Remote Management Team


Tips to Improve Phone Etiquette When Speaking With Customers

The pandemic has spurred a massive expansion of work-at-home options. That means new corporate structures, fresh scheduling options, and, maybe more importantly, the need for different management techniques. Is your hiring system optimized to find the best remote management team? Answering this question the right way could have a crucial impact on your ability to… Read more »

Strategies When Changing Your Career at the C-Level


Changing career paths is difficult at any level. However, the challenges intensify when you reach the C-suite. That’s why you need well-considered strategies to make a meaningful switch. At the top rungs of the corporate ladder, your career becomes highly entrenched in a particular industry or specialty. It’s difficult to get people to see you… Read more »

Who Should Be Your Reference When You’re the Boss?


References can represent a critical step in landing your dream job. You need the right people to detail your experience and commend your work habits. However, this process can get muddled when you don’t have a clear direct supervisor in your previous jobs. Who should be your reference when you’re the boss? A study conducted… Read more »

How Much of a Pay Raise Should I Request When Changing Jobs


You’re ready to switch jobs. You’ve found a likely position and the process is moving towards the negotiation stage. How much of a pay raise should you ask for? In the post-pandemic world, pay rates are rising throughout the economy. That puts you in a good position. The tight labor market gives you significant leverage… Read more »

What is the World of Remote Work Going to Do to My Salary?


PrideStaff Bend

The rise of the work-at-home trend has sparked a lot of changes. Work schedules, home lives, and wardrobes have all come under scrutiny. But what about pay rates? How will remote work impact your salary? We have entered a new era. The pandemic has taken the long-simmering trend of remote work and turned a flamethrower… Read more »

5 Best Practices for Performance Management


How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Find Your Next Opportunity

To a certain extent, every organization relies on performance management. The process allows you to develop your team and unlock each individual’s full potential. And yet, most leaders find their performance management procedures lacking. A survey conducted by CEB found that 95% of managers felt their system needed improvement. So, if you’re like 19 out… Read more »

What to Do When a Candidate Wants Too Much Money


Your long recruitment process is finally over: you’ve found the perfect candidate. You send an offer, but you get a disappointing reply. They want more money. Not just more – too much. Much more than you’d ever considered for that position. Now what? In the abstract, of course, it’s easy to suggest the obvious. You… Read more »