Importance of a Talent Pipeline in the Sansdemic


Importance of a Talent Pipeline in the Sansdemic | PrideStaff Bend

Today’s employers are facing mounting challenges when it comes to cultivating a capable workforce. One key factor is the sansdemic, a situation where the labor force isn’t large enough to meet overall demand. While labor force fluctuations aren’t uncommon, the current state isn’t likely to improve. Instead, more Baby Boomer retirements, lower birth rates, and… Read more »

How to Strategically Reject Talent, But Keep Them in Your Talent Pipeline


The hardest part of the recruiting process? It’s making the final decision. Usually, it means rejecting several likable, engaging, extremely qualified individuals. It’s a shame to let all those great candidates move on to the competition. There is an alternative. By adding those rejected candidates to your talent pipeline, you set yourself up for the… Read more »